Bamba Hotel Tokyo

In a bustling post town, the ‘Bamba’ serves as a hub for people and information.
This hotel, located in the historic Bamba(“Bam”=horse, “ba”=a place), has a rich history. Originally a cozy café named the ‘Milk Hall’ during the Meiji era(1868-1912), it has now been transformed by a renowned designer. The result is a delightful space that seamlessly combines the best of Japanese and Western elements, preserving the nostalgia of bygone days while embracing modern design.

Araiya Tokyo

Passing through the Takanawa Ōki-do Gate near Sengaku-ji Temple during the Edo period was a significant moment, marking the true beginning of a memorable journey along the Tokaido road.
Our hotel is situated in the Sengaku-ji area, nestled within this historical neighborhood. We have converted the building into an exclusive rental accommodation, ensuring the preservation of the charming features of a well-ventilated traditional Japanese house. The captivating view from the windows, including the temple’s approach, will add a vibrant touch to your stay.

Kago #34 Tokyo

Shukuba JAPAN has collaborated with the local community in Kita-Shinagawa to offer lodgings with a modern touch. These apartments, provided by supportive local real estate owners, have been recently updated.
Whether you want the freedom to spend your time as you please or use it as a starting point to explore Shinagawa-shuku, you will be able to fully embrace the feeling of “living in the town.”


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