Shukuba JAPAN is deeply engaged in accommodation and tourism, working hand in hand with the local community.
Thanks to this collaboration, we are able to provide one-of-a-kind experiences.
For instance, you can enjoy a delightful boat ride on a traditional Edo-style yakatabune, just like the ones depicted in famous ukiyo-e prints. Additionally, you can partake in the serene practice of zazen meditation at a temple in Shinagawa, which happens to be the very first post town along the historic Tokaido Fifty-Three locations.

  • Elegant Pleasure Boat Ride Featured in Ukiyo-e

    (Traditional Japanese Houseboat)

    Step into the world of ukiyo-e prints as you embark on a delightful night cruise on a yakatabune boat along Tokyo Bay. You can savor a variety of dishes made with fresh Edo-style seafood. This is a special tour that takes you around landmarks like Odaiba and Rainbow Bridge (customizable routes available).

  • Meditate at Isshin-ji temple
    One of the Edo Thirty-Three Kannon Pilgrimage Sites

    Zen Meditation Experience

    Isshin-ji, located along the old Tokaido road, is a place of deep reverence in the local community.
    We offer a special opportunity for a morning zazen (meditation) experience held in the serene main hall.
    Zazen is a Buddhist practice that involves sitting with proper posture, unifying the mind, and introspection, allowing you to connect with yourself.

  • Experience a Traditional Ritual for Exorcising Evil Spirits

    Hōroku Moxibustion Experience

    Discover the wonders of an ancient health practice with our Hōroku Moxibustion Experience, that will leave you feeling rejuvenated. During this unique session, you’ll gently rest a pottery plate (hōroku) on your head while we apply moxibustion using our special herb blend. Rest assured, there will be no heat involved, ensuring a completely safe and comfortable experience.

  • Enjoy Japan’s Proud Lacquerware Art

    Maki-e Experience

    In English, “漆” (lacquer) is also known as “Japan.” Maki-e is one of the representative decorative techniques in Japanese lacquerware art. It involves painting pictures or patterns on objects with lacquer and then sprinkling maki-e powder (metallic powders like gold and silver) over the lacquer while it is still wet to create intricate decorations.

  • Experience Japanese Wabi-Sabi in a post town’s Tea Room

    Tea Ceremony Experience (Sencha)

    Tea ceremony is a comprehensive art that Japan takes pride in. The host prepares and serves tea to guests, embodying the spirit of hospitality that Japanese people have always cherished. Experience the tea ceremony in a traditional tea room in Higashi-Shinagawa.

  • Become an apprentice to a Japanese confectionery craftsman

    Japanese Confectionery Making Experience

    The delicate Japanese confectionery culture showcases the seasons through sweets and is deeply rooted in regional food culture. Under the guidance of skilled Japanese confectionery artisans, you can take on the challenge of making your very own Japanese confections.

  • Tour Guide Service

    Our concierge is here to assist you with exploring the local attractions and suggesting various places to visit. Make the most of your stay, not only in your room but also in the entire town.


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