Shukuba Hotel offers a variety of ways to enjoy the characteristics of our own.
Please select an option that suits that best suits your ideal stay.

Enjoy the charming streets of the nearby town, and then unwind at the cozy inn.
The next day, brace yourself for a unique experience as you experience the world of zazen meditation.

  1. Check-in

    For Bamba Hotel Tokyo / Araiya Tokyo, please come directly to the hotel.
    For Kago#34 Tokyo, please come to Guesthouse Shinagawa-shuku. (from 15:00)

  2. Once you have provided us with required information, we will kindly ask for your payment.

  3. Free time

    Please enjoy a stroll through the town and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the post town.

    We also offer different activities for you to experience. For more details, please click here.

  4. Dinner

    Delivery from nearby restaurants is available.

    For more details, please click here.

  5. Relaxation Time

    You can watch movies with a projector or engage in late-night conversations.

    About rental items, please click here.

  6. Sleeping time

    Sleep Tight and Rest Well.

  7. Zazen

    You can join a meditation session at a nearby temple before breakfast. (Reservation required)

  8. Breakfast

    Please choose from Japanese or Continental style.

  9. Check-out

    The checkout time varies depending on the accommodation.
    Please check with the concierge or staff in advance.


For booking reservations please click here.