At ‘Shukuba JAPAN’, we take pride in our extensive knowledge and expertise gained from more than ten years in the lodging industry in Kitashinagawa. Our unique position allows us to offer our guests unparalleled hospitality, thanks to our collaboration with the local community.

Excelling in Two Fields:
Hospitality and Local Services

Our dedicated concierge team, under the guidance of our Head Concierge, is committed to delivering personalized hospitality services to every guest. These knowledgeable concierges are local residents who are always on the lookout for the best local services, guaranteeing an exceptional experience for our valued customers.

  • With this whole-house rental, you have the opportunity to enjoy quality time and create lasting memories with your family and friends. Additionally, it provides an ideal setting for focused meetings and workshops, such as retreats.

  • Our lead concierge, who has undergone training at a first-class hotel, provides customer service guidance, and our team works together daily to enhance our services.

  • Need assistance during your stay? Our concierge, a resident of the town, is available 24/7 during your stay and is ready to assist you using a wide range of local services to meet your needs.

Discover a unique accommodation experience in our charming town with a private lodging service.

  • At our hotels, we have carefully selected furnishings from all over the world to showcase the special qualities of each location. Additionally, we provide thoughtfully curated amenities to enhance your stay. To add an element of excitement and entertainment, we have also included unique features and facilities in every hotel.

Concierge services

  • Celebration Planning Service

    Make your birthdays and anniversaries truly exceptional with the support of our concierge team. We’re here to assist you with surprise decorations, cake, and champagne delivery. Let’s make your celebrations extra special.

  • Tour guide services

    Count on our concierge to offer personalized recommendations and assist you in finding nearby attractions and must-visit spots. Enjoy your stay while exploring the entire region and the town.

Concierge staff Concierge staff

  • Lead Concierge


    During my time as a student in China and my exciting backpacking journeys, I was deeply influenced by the international connections I made. These experiences ignited a strong passion within me to pursue a career in the hospitality industry. Eventually, I found myself becoming a lodging facility owner. My genuine love for people drives me to create and foster inclusive communities where individuals from all walks of life can thrive together. I firmly believe in the incredible power that ‘people’ possess to make a positive impact.

    Recommended Spot
    Shinagawa Shrine
    Reason for Recommendation: You can receive blessings at the “Ichiryu Manbai no Izumi” spring!
    Talking about rugby
  • Concierge


    Born in Sumida, Tokyo.
    During my university graduation trip, I visited Yakushima and was deeply impressed by the island’s culture and the beauty of its nature. From there, I moved to Aogashima, Oki-Matsushima, Rebun Island, Hateruma Island, Shodoshima, and Toshijima. I was involved in hotel startups and managerial roles on each island, then eventually became a member of the “Shukuba JAPAN” team.

    Recommended Spot
    Tennozu Isle
    Reason for Recommendation: One of Tokyo’s most fashionable art spots. Please experience the artistic side of the city!
    Rice cultivation, grass cutting, and remembering people’s faces
  • Concierge


    Drawing upon my experiences from traveling around the world and working holidays, I am committed to providing full support to ensure that your journeys are as enjoyable as possible. Our team is always available to assist you in making the most of your stay, so please don’t hesitate to approach us for any assistance. We are excited to welcome you!

    Recommended Spot
    The Former Tokaido Road
    Reason for Recommendation: Please experience the joy of entering “ordinary life” here!
    Health-related discussions, talking about running
  • Concierge


    With over a decade spent in London and more than 15 years of experience working in the travel industry, I thoroughly enjoy engaging with guests from both overseas and within the country. As a lover of festivals in a post-town steeped in old-town charm and warm hospitality, I am eager to promote the appeal of Shinagawa!

    Recommended Spot
    Tennozu Isle
    Reason for Recommendation: The walk along the canal is superb!
    Itinerary planning and arrangements

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