At Shukuba HOTEL, we offer various rental services.

Room Service Room Service

  • Cake

    We can arrange for cakes to be delivered straight from nearby patisseries. Message plates and candles can also be provided so let us know your preferences, and we’ll take care of the rest.

  • Champagne

    We can arrange for champagne, an essential for celebrations.

  • Room Decoration

    Looking to add a touch of celebration to your room for a special event like an anniversary? Count on us to assist you! Let us know if you’d like balloons or have any other decoration requests.

  • Flower Bouquet

    Let us help you create the perfect flower bouquet or arrangement! You can let us know your preferred colors and types of flowers and we will be sure to get it for you.


  • Projector

    You can enjoy movies, live broadcasts and more on a large screen. Please inquire in advance about cable types.
    (Rental fee 1,000 yen and up)

Please inquire in advance if you have any questions or concerns.
Some things may not be available depending on the season.


For booking reservations please click here.