Floor plan

1F Living room (theater room), kitchen, bath, toilet

2F Bedroom, living room, toilet

1~3 4 5
¥32,400 ¥43,200 ¥54,000

・Check-in: 15:00〜

・Check-out: 〜11:00

If you want to check-in or check-out at a time other than the above time, please contact us in advance.

There is no curfew after check-in

There is no storage available before you check-in and after you check-out.


Araiya Hotel is a historic white wooden building.

In a quiet residential area behind many tall buildings (next to a big parking area) the entrance has three Japanese style doors.


Luxurious and fun bedrooms.

The room has an Okinawa, Ryukyu style Tatami floor and a tatami bed by the window. Using traditional Japanese colors such as Jade Green and Haizakura (grey cherry blossompink) to decorate the walls the room is truly luxurious.


A relaxing living room with a tatami floor.

The living room has Japanese style tatami mats on the floor. You can relax there with family and friends while watching movies or playing games on a 50 inch TV.


An Experience called Goemonburo

When you stay at Araya you can experience a traditional old style Japanese bath known asGoemonburo. This has been a popular style of bath since the Azuchi-Momoyama period.


Ariaya has all the appliances you need for daily life.

television, free wi-fi, kettle, refrigerator, microwave oven, hair dryer, electric stand, iron, humidifier, transformer, bidet toilet


Amenities like you’ll find in a luxury hotel.

tea set, body soap, shampoo, rinse, toothpick set, razor, comb, towel, bath towel, yukata robe, slippers