Takanawa Minato(Sengakuji)

Sengakuji Station is on 2 main train lines that run to Shinagawa station. The Toei Asakusa line and the Keihin Kyuko line.

Just 1 stop away, Shinagawa station is a major hub where you can find eating and drinking establishments as well as many other services.

Close by is the historical town of Sengakuji where the graves of the 47 ronin are.

Takanawa Ookido Trace

In 1710 the capital of Japan was Edo, the Takanawa Okido gate was the southern entrance to Edo.

This area was the first post station in Japan and a popular rest stop for travellers.

Even though the gate no longer stands it was said to be 3 meters high, 9 meters wide and 7.2 meters deep. In 1783 Tadataka Ino used this gate as his starting point to survey a map of Japan