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Tokyo tourist information
Information on some of the different types of sightseeing in Tokyo

Local neighborhood information focusing on regular day to day spots.
Information on some areas best seen by foot, such as Shimbashi/Ginza, Harajuku and Shibuya. Shinjuku area, Ochanomizu)
Information on the best way to avoid traffic congestion.
Information on which streets to use if you would prefer to avoid large congested streets.
High quality independent restaurants that produce delicious home-style foods.

Recommended Tourist Information

It’s a 5 minute walk to an area called “Sengakuji” which is also the name of the main train station. This area is a national treasure which contains a temple that is the resting place of the 47 Ronin. This temple is a recommended place to visit as many people from all over Japan come to this temple every year.

Yoshiaki Suzuki

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Spots only local people know in Kitashinagawa

2. Recommended spots in Tokyo

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We will offer a comfort experience with our best hospitality and ideas.

Akie Shimura

1. Favorite tourist information genre
About food. I propose a restaurant tailored to the scene.

2. Recommended spots in Tokyo
Daikanyama area: There are lots of stylish and unique shops.

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I am living my daily life with the words “encounter, connection, reunion with people”. I am looking forward to seeing you.